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$50,000.00 Guaranteed Acceptance Term Life Insurance

An Important Addition To Coverage From Work

An easy way to set up more protection – to help your benefits keep up as you build your career and your family responsibilities grow.

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Group Term Life Insurance

$50,000.00 Coverage For Members Under Age 50
Imagine the difference an additional $50,000.00 cash benefit could make if you weren’t there anymore.

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Many AMTA members under age 50 have life coverage through work. While that’s a good start, for many it’s just the beginning of the cash benefits their loved ones may need if something happened to them.

  • Would it be enough to pay off student loans? Credit card bills? Car loans? You don’t want your parents or other loved ones worrying about those expenses if something happened to you.
  • What if you just bought a house? Or used a home equity loan to pay for a major remodel or upgrade? Think about how those bills would be paid if you weren’t there anymore.
  • How would your family make ends meet without your paycheck? For so many families … especially as you’re building your career … everything from a money perspective is built on the assumption that your paycheck will keep coming. But what if it doesn’t?

They’re real concerns. Especially when you consider that 25% of families fear they would no longer be able to make ends meet within just one month of a breadwinner passing away. *

Of course, money could never replace you. But this $50,000.00 member benefit could become the additional money your loved ones need to confidently face the future without you.

That’s why the AMTA set up the $50,000.00 Guaranteed Acceptance Term Life Insurance Plan. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up this member benefit coverage – to be paid when your family may need it most.

During the first two years, fatal accidents are covered at $50,000.00. If death is due to another cause in year one, your loved ones receive 125% of premiums paid. In year two, 250% of premium is paid for death due to another cause. Starting in year three, all benefits are payable at $50,000.00.

*LIMRA. (2022). 2022 Insurance Barometer Study Reveals the Secret to Financial Security is Owning Life Insurance.



Time is important. Especially when you’re building your career … when you’re juggling growing and changing family responsibilities. So the AMTA made sure setting up this $50,000.00 member benefit was as easy as possible.

  • No medical exam. No health questions. AMTA members under age 50 usually don’t have time to set up doctor’s appointments for a physical. They don’t have an evening to spare to meet with an insurance agent to fill out long forms.
  • Acceptance is guaranteed. You cannot be turned down thanks to the simplified activation process. Just tell us who you want covered, you or you and your spouse, and how you want to handle premiums. We’ll take care of everything from there.
  • $50,000.00 paid in addition to coverage from work. This AMTA plan stands as an added layer of protection … with cash benefit checks paid regardless of any other coverage you may have.
  • Your spouse is guaranteed the same streamlined activation process. It doesn’t matter if they already have a bit of coverage through work or even if they stay at home to manage your family. As long as you enroll in member coverage, your spouse is entitled to $50,000.00 on a guaranteed acceptance basis – just like you.
  • Group rates keep costs economical. As you’re building your career, it’s important to make sure your coverage keeps up with changes in your life. But keeping the price of that coverage in line with your budget is crucial, too. That's why this coverage is offered with economical group rates.

Please don’t wait. Coverage through work is good – but it’s just a start. Set up an additional $50,000.00 member benefit today. Remember: You cannot be turned down because it’s extended on a guaranteed acceptance basis.



$50,000.00 Guaranteed Acceptance Term Life Plan


Age Non-Smoker Smoker
18-24 $10.25 $17.00
25-29 $10.50 $21.25
30-34 $11.00 $22.25
35-39 $12.75 $29.75
40-44 $16.50 $40.00
45-49 $23.00 $56.25
50-54* $36.50 $88.00
55-59* $65.25 $152.00
60-64* $114.75 $251.50
65-69** $96.75 $196.75
70-74** $155.50 $287.25

* Renewal rates only.

** Renewal Rates only. Benefit is reduced to $25,000.00.
Your rates may change if they are changed for all others in the same class.

You will be billed for premiums monthly. Rates will include a $2.00 administrative fee if paying by direct bill, a $0.00 administrative fee if paying by credit card, or a $0.00 administrative fee if paying by automatic checking withdrawal. Rates increase when you enter a higher age category as shown above.



Is this the right coverage to add now?

Most experts say “yes.” Why? Because it’s term life insurance which is the type financial experts often recommend. *

What will an additional $50,000.00 do?

When you add it onto other coverage you may have from work or protection you may have set up years ago, $50,000.00 can be an important step to help your benefits keep pace with growing responsibilities like: credit card bills, student debt or other loans; buying a home; starting a family; or building your career.

Do I have to meet with an insurance agent? Or set up a doctor’s appointment?

No. Acceptance is extended on a guaranteed basis. There are no medical exams required and no health questions to answer. You will not need to meet with an agent to fill out long forms. Just fill out your Activation Form to conveniently add $50,000.00 to any coverage you may already have.

Can my spouse set this up, too?

Absolutely. We know you’re a team. So as long as you enroll in member coverage, we made sure your spouse could activate this $50,000.00 benefit addition – with the same guaranteed acceptance status as you.

How much will this cost?

Less than you think. As an AMTA member, you’re entitled to group rates. That helps you keep costs economical so adding this $50,000.00 member benefit is easy on your wallet. Take a 30-year-old non-smoker as an example. The group rate is $11 a month … that’s 37 cents a day. (See the rate chart under the "Rates" tab for more information.)

What if I change my mind?

That’s okay. You have a 30-day free-look guarantee. If you decide this isn’t for you, just tell us within 30 days and we’ll cancel your $50,000.00 member benefit. You’ll receive a full refund – no questions and no hassles.

Frankel. (2021, August 4). What Is Term Life Insurance? A Complete Guide. Time.



WHEN COVERAGE STARTS: $50,000.00 Guaranteed Acceptance Life Plan starts on the first of the month following receipt of your Activation Form and premium payment. You can keep this coverage until age 75 as long as the Master Policy remains in place, you pay your premiums, and you remain an AMTA member. Benefits reduce to $25,000.00 at age 65.

HERE’S HOW THE $50,000.00 GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE LIFE PLAN WORKS: During the first two years, fatal accidents are covered at $50,000.00 If death is due to another cause in year one, your loved ones receive 125% of premiums paid. In year two, 250% of premium is paid for death due to another cause. Starting in year three, all benefits are payable at $50,000.00. Unless otherwise noted on the ACTIVATION FORM, benefits will be paid in the following order: lawful spouse; child(ren), in equal shares; parents in equal shares; siblings, in equal shares; the member’s estate. If you’d like to make other beneficiary arrangements, contact the plan administrator.

This AMTA $50,000.00 Guaranteed Acceptance Term Life Insurance Plan is underwritten by Securian Life Insurance Company, St. Paul, MN, under group policy number 9904/9905/9906, under policy form series 17-50985. For complete details, including features, limitations, and exclusions, see the Certificate or Policy of Insurance. In the event of any discrepancy between this information and the policy/certificate, the terms of the policy/certificate will apply. Complete coverage information is in the Certificate or Policy issued to each insured individual.


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